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Brands of Valencia

Today when different countries can be called “tourist products” it is necessary to distinguish their characteristic features, which are associated with different regions. Marketologists call these features brands. What can Valencia show to the world? What is associated with the word “Valencia” in a tourist’s mind? What are brands of Valencia?

Valencia is well known in all parts of the world thanks to its sights, interesting cultural events, rich history and wonderful sea coast. There are three great resorts on the territory of the modern community of Valencia. They are Costa Azahar, Costa Valencia and Costa Blanca. All of them can be considered brands themselves. Till the 60s of the 20th century when the economic boom started in Spain there were no such places at all. Their names appeared on purpose.

For example Costa Blanca. This region in the Alicante province became the first trade mark. The idea of the name belongs not to Spaniards but to the British. British European Airways, which in the 50s of the 20th century started the way to Spain, invented the names for the resorts of Alicante to provoke interest among the tourists of Albion. The initiative was a success and now, half of the century later, Costa Blanca is considered to be one of the most popular regions for summer holidays in Spain.

Rice and sea products, famous Valencian paella are also famous European brands and the contrasting opposition to McDonald’s. Paella nowadays is a symbol of not only Valencian but Spanish cuisine.

Speaking about Valencian cuisine we can’t but mention orange juice which is called “Valencian water”. Orange juice is a great part of export of the region. It is very important to take into consideration the fact that Valencia has 20% of the Spanish export.

Football is a great passion of every Spanish man who is older than 1 and a half years. This concerns Valencia as well. There is one of the strongest and the most favourite European football clubs in Valencia called FC Valencia. Taking into account that there are a lot of people in the world who prefer staying at home watching football matches on TV to travelling round the world, the team FC Valencia is also a nice brand which reminds people all over the world about Valencia.

In a sport world Valencia is famous for not only football but for motoracing as well called Valencia Moto GP. Since 2008 European Grand Prize racing of Formula I Class will start in the streets of Valencia. In the nearest future this race will become even more popular than the famous race in Monte Carlo.

Valencia is famous for lots of sights, events and holidays. We have mentioned only the most popular of them. Tourists will decide themselves what to choose out of the variety of them.