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Natural Parks of Valencia

For those who are fond of fashionable ecological tourism Valencia can offer lots of interesting things. Many of them are connected with natural parks and reservations of the region. It being known that all the three provinces of the community Castellon, Valencia and Alicante can show their own peculiarities.

At first sight the nature of Valencia seems rather ordinary. Green landscapes of mountains, waste grounds and subtropical forests can be found everywhere on the Mediterranean coast from the Bosfor up to the Gibraltar. But don’t forget that the first impression is delusive. The landscape of Valencia is worth examining attentively and calmly. And then it will show you its beauty.

There are 20 national parks on the territory of the community. For example, in Sierra de Irta, Sierra de Espadan, Mariola Sierra and Sierra Calderona you will see the mountains and forests of Valencia. But besides the beauty of the landscape you will have an opportunity to see great monuments such as medieval patrol tower or a monastery which look very organic and are parts of the landscape. Each park has got lots of walking and alpinist routes, many of which are well-known all over the world. For example, we can’t help mentioning Vuelta cycle race on the territory of Sierra Calderona park.

Palm Desert is one of the favorite and most famous nature parks in Valencia. It is situated in the province of Castellon on the territory of some regions such as Benicassim, Cabanes and Castellon de la Plana. The park is famous for its flora, its Bartolo peak with a wonderful view of the vicinity and a monastery, which is famous for peculiar herbal liqueur. This liqueur has been produced there for some centuries.

The most famous area in Valencia is considered to be Albufera Park situated 12 km away from the capital of the community. Its landscape is a complicated combination of water and land where a thin line of land prevents mixing the Mediterranean water with the fresh water of Albufera lake. Duns and pine trees on the borderline between the sea and the lake are a part of a landscape which can be called enchanting.

A lot of enchanting landscapes can be seen in Valencia. Not only Albufera Park but also Santa Pola Park can be called unique and peculiar. In Santa Pola Park you can see salt hills together with Tamarit Tower and colonies of flamingo birds. On the territory of Chera-Sort Park there are geological artifacts, lakes in the mountains and waterfalls. On the Columbretean Islands there is a park with volcanic sculptures in wild uninhabited places. You will see enchantment everywhere in Valencia. It is very important to choose the direction to start traveling.