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Torrevieja is one of the greatest and most famous resorts of Costa Blanca. As most of the resorts of the region it appeared very quickly. For some months instead of the small fishing villages, hotels, beaches, villas and appartments have appeared there. They started to build intensively in Torrevieja at the first half of the 80s of the 20th century. Nowadays the results look impressive. Since the beginning of the building of the resort the population of it has grown 8 times.

The main virtue of Torrevieja is its unique microclimate. The salt lakes Las Salinas not far from Torrevieja enrich the local atmosphere with useful microelements. A special museum was opened in the town which is called Museo del Mar y de la Sal.

As usual the hotels and sanatoriums take most of the place of the landscape in Torrevieja. But still there is an old part of the town as well. It consists of some picturesque churches, the old railway stations and the tower, which is the most important monument in Torrevieja. The history of this tower is unique. Firstly it gave the name to the place (in Spanish Torrevieja means “the old tower”). Unfortunately, the first tower has been ruined. But the native citizens have collected money and have built the new tower to restore the historical justice.

The beaches of Torrevieja are as clean as the other beaches of Costa Blanca. The blue flags fly over all of them: Mata, Locos, Cura and Naufragos. The beaches of the resorts of Gvadamar and Orihuela situated near Torrevieja are also popular among the tourists. Not long ago the park of water attractions called “Aquapolis” was opened in Torrevieja, which is in operation the whole summer.

The most interesting period of time in Torrevieja is August, when the famous “Jabanera” festival is held. “Jabanera” is a famous dance which the Spanish sailors saw in Cuba and later it became popular in Spain. The melody of jabanera is well-known to all the fans of classical music. The composer George Beeze used this melody in his world famous opera “Carmen”.