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City of Alicante

Alicante is the first place of destination for tourists who come to the resorts of Costa Blanca. The airport in Alicante is the greatest in Spain. Every year 6 mln tourists from the north come through its terminals. They rush to the famous beaches and hotels of Alicante. The interesting thing is that the attractive features of Alicante have not been lost in the furious speed of modern life, but vice versa, became greater and more vivid. The history of Alicante, which began more than 2000 years ago, is still living in the streets of one of the greatest cities of Valencia.

It is not a secret that Alicante has got a reputation of “the gates” of Costa Blanca, which is not worth seeing for more than an hour. The native citizens are not even upset about it. It is difficult to imagine what could happen if 6 mln transit tourists decided to stay in the city for at least one night. But certainly one hour is not enough even to approach the main dignity of the place, the Castle of Santa Barbara on Benacantil cliff. The castle is of the same age as Alicante and it gives a wonderful opportunity to study the traces of different epochs and peoples and to understand why it has not been captured for 2000 years. Besides from the ground of the castle you will see a wonderful view of Alicante and the great resort of Benidorm at the distance of 40 km from Alicante.

There is another castle in Alicante with a picturesque view of Santa Barbara and the port of Alicante. It is the citadel of San Fernando in the other part of the city. If you want to visit San Fernando it would be better to come at sunset, when the evening gorgeous sun crowns the bright picture of sandy ochre walls of the castle, blue sea-water, white yachts and green subtropical plants with its blooded rays.

If you are in Alicante you can’t but visit the local Museum of Arts (Museo de Arte del Siglo) which is situated in Santa Maria’s square (Plaza de Santa Maria). The exhibits of the museum are so valuable and rare that even the gallerists of Prado in Madrid could envy. There are works by the geniuses of the 20th centuries Miro, Kandinsky, Shagal, Picasso in the Museum of Alicante.

There are castles and churches in any Spanish city. Alicante is not an exception. The main church is St. Nick’s Cathedral founded at the end of the 17th century and rebuilt after the Civil War of 1939. There is not so luxurious but also very interesting St. Maria’s Church near the Castle of Santa Barbara. There are icons of the Middle Ages in its inner decoration.
If you decide to stay longer after an excursion round the city there will be 6 km of wonderful beaches and best hotels at your disposal. As a special offer there could be an excursion by cutter to the Islet of Tabarca.