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Orihuela is a resort in Costa Blanca which for many tourists has become or is going to become a special place of Costa Blanca. Orihuela is one of the oldest places of Valencia community founded by the ancient Romans. Today it can be proud of its beaches and its history. It is rather a rare combination for the resorts in Alicante because most of them were built instead of small unknown villages.

Orihuela is unique concerning many parameters. For example, the fact that besides the sea coast there are also river banks there. The river Segura flows across Orihuela and along its banks the administrative district called Vega Baya de Segura is situated.

Orihuela is famous for its architectural monuments. Among the most famous is the castle or, to be exact, the ruins of the castle, which belong to the epoch of Moors according to some documents and to the earlier period according to the other historical papers.

There are religious buildings in Orihuela typical for the whole Spain. There are some charming churches, a majestic gothic cathedral of Salvador Y Santa Maria and an austere Episcopal Palace. All of them are a part of the historical reservation today, which was founded in 1969 and now includes most of the buildings of the central part of the town. Orihuela is the native place of the famous Spanish poet Migel Jernandes. That is why many of the town sights are connected with his name. There is a house museum in Jernandes Avenue and the centre of the poet’s heritage in Jernandes Square. Furthermore Orihuela is one of the four towns of the province of Alicante where the branches of the University named after Jernandes are situated. It is obvious that the poet is greatly appreciated there.

Speaking about summer holidays there are nice beaches in Orihuela. Like everywhere in Costa Blanca the beaches of Orihuela can be considered the model of the European level of holiday beaches. The golden sand and the blue sea attract lots of tourists all over the world in summer. Punta Prima, Flamenca, Zenia are the beaches of Orihuela stretching along the coast for 16 km. They are not in the town but 20 km away. On most of the beaches they can offer you not only beach umbrellas and deck-chairs but the opportunity to do water skiing and yachting.