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Moraira is a small resort situated in the northern part of Costa Blanca on the territory of the Valencia province. It is rather far away from the main tourist routes and from the busiest highways of the coast N332 and A7. That is why there are not so many tourists there as, for example, in the southern part of Costa Blanc. Moraira and the neighbouring place Teulada have been united in a single resort recently. But most of the tourists still consider them to be two different places. Teulada is situated 6 km away from Moraira, so the distance is quite long for summer holidays.

Like most of the resorts in Valencia Moraira started to develop about 50 years ago. Before that time about 2 000 people lived there, most of them fishermen and their families. Today the main business is tourism and because of that the population is 4 times larger. Fishery is the second important business in Moraira. If you visit the Lonja Market you will see the results of the local fishermen’s labour. The variety of sea products is astonishing even for a gourmet. The greatest variety of sea foodstuffs is in July when the holiday of Fishing Fiesta is held.

Today Moraira is not the same small shabby village as it was in the past. It is a modern refined resort with fountains, palm-trees, sculptures. Among the most interesting old buildings are Torreon Castle of the 18th century which belonged to the Burbones dynasty and the Tower at Cap Dor. If you visit this Tower you will see a picturesque panorama of the resort and its vicinity.

White sand on the beaches, rich subtropical flora, 300 sunny days in a year and pure sea water are the main attractions of Moraira. There are two main beaches there which have “the blue flags” showing their purity. They are Del Portet and the central beach in the L’Ampolla resort not far from the Moraira Castle.

There is a yachting club in Moraira which is the centre of life there. There is a yachting school, a renting centre where you can hire a boat or a yacht, a service and repairing centre, a supermarket and a restaurant.

The cuisine in Moraira is worth mentioning because of its sea foodstuffs. The local Girasol restaurant has got the status of one of the most refined restaurants of Costa Blanca. The other well known restaurants are Le Dauphin, La Sort and Ca Pepe where tourists are offered traditional Spanish cuisine.