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City of Valencia

Valencia is the capital of the Valencia region in Spain and one of the most beautiful cities of this country. There are lots of sights in Valencia like in Madrid and Barcelona. The most outstanding is the Cathedral of Valencia where the Cup of Sacred Grahal is kept, which is considered to be the legendary object of the Christian world. In the past Valencia did not have the sea line but later the city became greater and now one of the biggest ports in Spain is situated in Valencia and there are a lot of best beaches there.

The history of Valencia is very interesting too. In the past Valencia was the centre of the struggle between Sid the Libertator and the Moors and then it became the capital of the Kingdom. That is why Valencia is considered to be the most interesting tourist centre in Europe.

But the authorities of modern Valencia are very ambitious and want their city to become popular not only in Europe but all over the world. That is why a unique complex appeared here not long ago. It is called the City of Arts and Science. The outstanding architecturers of the world took part in its foundation. The City of Arts and Science is like the real city: its streets stretch up to 2,5 kms. Everything impresses here, for example, the gigantic Palace of Arts of Queen Sophia with an opera hall including 1750 seats and the Museum of Science of Prince Philip. By the way, the building of the Palace of Arts costs 250 mln Eur.

But modern buildings are not so attractive as the old ones. We can’t but mention the buiding of the former Silk Exchange or La-Lonha-de-la-Seda. UNESCO included this building into the list of the World Heritage.

Not far away from the former Silk Exchange there is one of the biggest markets in Europe where you can’t help admiring the greatest variety of fish and fruit and which gives additional charm and fascination to Valencia.

The other peculiarity of Valencia is its so-called “Water Tribunal”. It is a special committee consisting of 8 people who gather together at the entrance of the Cathedral each Thursday to solve the problems of irrigation in Valencia region. The tradition has existed for some centuries and is unique because all the decisions of the Tribunal are coming in power at the moment of pronouncing them. No special documents are signed.

Otherwise to have holidays in Valencia means to get acquainted with real Spain, its corrida, paella, fallas and many other of local exotic.