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The Marines of Costa Azaar

Costa Azaar Marines are situated in the large resorts of the region, such as Peniscola, Oropesa or Castelion de la Plana. There are not so many marines in the province of Castelion as, for example, in Valencia and Alicante, but still people there try to develop their own yachting tourism under the condition of the greatest competition.

The largest marine of Costa Azaar is Marina Puerto Deportivo Oropesa del Mar. It is situated some kilometers to the north from the largest resort of Costa Azaar called Marina Dor. The moorage of Marina Oropesa can take about 600 yachts the length of which is not more than 15 m. The mooring price is 7-50 € per day depending on the length of the vessel. Marina Oropesa is the most convenient place to go on an excursion to the Columbretian Islands.

Marina Club Nautico de Castello is the main yachting moorage of the province capital. Marina de Castello is situated in the El Grau port. It can take 250 vessels the maximum length of which is 25 m. There is a maintenance shop, laundry, a restaurant, a lift (the power is 20 tons), a car hiring agency, a shower for the clients of Marina Club Nautico de Castello.

The northern marine of Costa Azaar is Marina Vinarosa. The service is standard there. It can take 200 yachts at the same time the length of which is up to 16m.

Marina de Benicarlo is situated to the south of Marina Vinarosa. Marina Benicarlo can take 250 yachts with the board up to 20 m. The service includes a repairing shop, a lift on a lifting crane. For those who only start to in for yachting there is a local yachting school. There is a market and some trattorias not far from Marina Benicarlo. The price for mooring is 7-60 € per day depending on a size of a yacht. The prices can be different during a year. The highest prices are in July and August.

Marina Peniscola is a small port for 70 yachts. The length of a yacht shouldn’t be more than 8 m and, certainly, it is not suitable for many tourists. As an alternative to Marina Peniscola there is Marina Benicarlo mentioned before or Marina Alcosebre – Puerto Deportivo Las Fuente which is situated to the south of Marina Peniscola at a distance of about half an hour by sea. Marina Alcosebre can take 270 yachts with the length of the board up to 20 m.

Burriana is a place in the south of Costa Azaar. There are two marines there: Marina Club Nautico Burriana and Marina Burriana Nova. The former was equipped in 1972. Nowadays it can take 400 yachts. The longest board is reported to be 100 m but such yachts can be taken in exceptional cases. In general, they take yachts with the length of 15 m. The prices are higher there. A yacht with the length of 15 m will cost about 30 € per day.

Marina Burriana Nova was opened not long ago. The level of service is one of the highest in Costa Azaar. There is everything from wi-fi Internet up to a laundry and a very well equipped maintenance centre. It can take 340 yachts at the same time (the length of a board is up to 30 m). El Arenal Beach, which is situated near Marina Burriana Nova is considered to be one of the best in Costa Azaar.

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