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The Marines of Costa Blanca

Costa Blanca marines are situated practically in all seaside towns and villages in Valencia. A cruise on board the yacht or a voyage along the picturesque “white coast” is a wonderful way of spending summer holidays in Valencia. That is why, taking into account the popularity of the region among yachtsmen, a lot of marines have recently been modernized and offer maximum service at reasonable prices. There are more than 20 large marines along the coast of Costa Blanca nowadays.

The city of Alicante as the centre of the province has got great opportunity for mooring. There are two marines near Alicante: Marina Deportiva de Alicante for 800 vessels, and the marine of the Real Club de Regatas de Alicante for 400 vessels. Marina Deportiva de Alicante is situated in the southern part of the port. It can take extra class vessels with the length of the board up to 50 m. The marine of the Real Club is in the center of the port of Alicante. Its moorage can take smaller vessels, the length of which are up to 40 m. But if we compare the quantity of services Real Club de Regatas can give odds to Marina Deportiva. In Marina Deportiva you can get a standard minimum of service such as refueling, fresh water and electricity, but in the marine of the Real Club you can rent a car and use sporting grounds on its territory. It is easier to get to the marine of the Real Club from the international airport of Alicante.

If you travel from the north by boat along Costa Blanca the first marine of the coast is Marina Club Nautico de Denia (the marine of the sea club called Denia). It is one of the largest moorages of Costa Blanca. It can take more than 800 yachts with the board length up to 50 m. There is a marine of another famous resort called Xavea near Marina Club Nautico de Denia. If you go round the Cape de la Nao and continue your way to the south along the coast you will arrive at Altea resort. Marina Altea takes only small yachts the length of which is 25 m but it is one of the largest because more than 1500 yachts can moor at one and the same time.

Marina Benidorm has not got enough opportunity to take all yachts in summer. It can take a little bit more than 150 yachts. As a variant for those who are eager to spend some days in the overcrowded resort of Costa Blanca can become Marina Villajoyosa 10 km away to the south of Benidorm. It can take more than 300 yachts with the maximum length of the boat 20 m.

The marines of the southern part of Costa Blanca are very popular among yachtsmen. There are two marines in the picturesque vicinity of Miramar: Marina Sante Pola and Marina Miramar. The former is for small vessels (up to 25 m). The latter is for the lux-class yachts up to 50 m. Each of them can take about 500 yachts in summer. The other popular marines known among yachtsmen are Marina Salinas in Torrevjekha for 700 yachts and Marina Oriuella for 300 vessels.

You may take into account the moorages of small villages. There is not maximum service in such marines but this fact can be compensated by the special atmosphere of the Mediterranean villages, wonderful cuisine and the hospitality of local citizens. The only problem can be the language barrier, because a lot of citizens of Costa Blanca speak only poor Spanish and Valencian.

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